Where can I buy a truffle and how much does it cost?

The truffle has different prices depending on the type, season, origin and its size. The white truffle is the most valuable, undoubtedly, and as such, it is reserved a price to say the least striking, to be a product of fungal origin... For example, in the year 2017, due to the little rains and drought, the price reached 6000 € per kg, as documented by Coldiretti. In 2018, however, its value has been reduced as it has rained in abundance and this has caused a thriving appearance of truffles, which have however lowered the price by 30% compared to the average, resulting in 2100 € per kg.

As for the various types, in general these are the average prices:

White truffle from 3000 € to 4000 € per kg

Black truffle from 350 € to 800 € per kg

Bianchetto truffle from 100 € to 250 € per kg

Smooth black truffle from 200 € to 500 € per kg

Interesting to note that there are real "bags" in which the truffles are evaluated, as for example the one referred to the white truffle of Alba.

It depends on each restaurant, however, in many cases they accept it willingly, because they do not have to contact the truffle hunter to have one delivered to the kitchen, but you will bring it directly to them the same evening. So always ask and in most cases they will be happy to grate it for you on the famous tajarin or some other good dish of the Piedmontese tradition. And if you don’t eat the whole truffle, they can give it back to you.

If you are in the area during the Alba White Truffle Fair, you just have to go to the famous Alba Truffle Market, where you can observe and buy the best truffle specimens. Otherwise you can enter one of the many shops scattered around the territory that sell truffles, and we can give you a small list: Tartufi Morra in Alba, Alba Tartufi in Montà, Tartuflanghe in Piobesi d'Alba, Tartufi Ponzio in Alba, Tartufi Ratti always in Alba and Dal Trifulè in Montà. Obviously this is an approximate list, but useful to have a first approach.