The cultural events linked to the truffle

Giacomo Morra also invented the "La Bela Trifulera" competition, which every year rewarded a girl from the area who paraded during the event dedicated to truffles. The first was Lidia Toppino in 1949, then followed many others until 2017, when it was decided to change course and move from the beauty contest to the return to tradition. In fact, "La Bela Trifolera of the Alba villages" was established, wearing traditional costumes and moving away from the image of beauty queen to re-enter the garments that recall the most genuine local popular traditions, as it was in the early years of the Fair.

The most famous event reserved for this vegetable gold is certainly the International Alba White Truffle Fair, which takes place every year between October and November in Alba and which brings together thousands of fans and not that meet in the old town of the Piedmontese town to discover this precious fruit of the season. In 2018, 100,000 visitors were counted, many of whom were foreign tourists. Another important event is the World Alba White Truffle Auction, which is held every year at the Castle of Grinzane Cavour in the homonymous town not far from Alba. It is here that the best specimens of this mycetee are sold at auction. There are also various events in small towns of the Langhe, Roero or Monferrato, shorter in terms of duration (in Alba they are six weeks of the fair), but that still manage to give a taste of the truffle. For example, in Santo Stefano Roero and Casale Monferrato. And then the special appointment with the Regional Meeting of the Truffle Hunters and Truffle Dogs in Canale, which for many years has been celebrating these wonderful helpers and the end of the truffle season, with parades, awards and tasty lunches in company.